BT Broadband

BT Broadband - One Step

BT wireless broadband is available to all those who have a BT telephone line. With over 3 packages to choose from, now you can get mobile broadband on any PC or laptop with the BT USB dongle, so you can even get broadband out of your home.

With all the broadband packages you get a wireless BT home hub, which serves as a wireless router connecting to PCs, laptops, gaming consoles and which updates itself on security concerns and keeps your PC free from viruses and hacking attempts.

With all BT broadband wireless connections, you get up to 8Mb speeds enabling you to get everything that the internet has to offer, including multimedia, streaming channels, voice over and large, high definition images.

BT broadband UK has 4 packages to choose from. With BT Option 1 you get fast internet connections, a home hub and an option for a dongle for mobile broadband. You also get up to 8 Mb download speeds, basic security and a 10 Gb monthly usage.

For heavy internet users, there is Option 2, which consists of a BT Home hub, an optional dongle for mobile broadband, advanced Mc Afee security and a 20 Gb monthly usage allowance. If you want unlimited usage, you can opt for the BT Unlimited offer, which lets you have a BT Home Hub, a USB mobile dongle, advanced Mc Afee security and unlimited monthly usage. The BT Anywhere option allows you a BT Home Hub, a Hub Phone, a BT ToGo Smart Phone, unlimited internet usage and low cost calls to mobiles.

With BT Broadband Packages you get unlimited UK evening and weekend calls, free round the clock customer support, free WiFi, which enables you access to WiFi hot spots all over the world. Additionally, you also get high-end security packages and engineers to install your BT Wireless broadband equipment.

Customers can avail of all three, BT Total Broadband, BT home phone and calling plans and BT Vision digital TV, with which you can get streamed channels, the ability to pause, rewind and replay live TV and unlimited shows, movies, music and sports.