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More over the sheer number of telephone phone companies with their various packages adds to the confusion leaving you wondering how to find When you set out in search of home phone connection, budget is not the only criteria you should be comparing the things against. What matters most is the choice of companies not withstanding the fact that almost all of them have identical packages.

Households in the UK have been used to BT for years and are loyal to them; but the recent need has arisen because of BT's additional charges and increasing costs for not paying through direct debit and late payment penalties as well as the service they offer.

Choosing a provider is not the same as choosing a package for your home phone. You may want to go for a provider who charges call charges only while you can keep the connection as it is if you don't want to change the connection. But the hassle with this is the need to pay rental and call charges separately. To avoid this, you can opt for the wholesale line rental in which your service provider pays BT rentals on your behalf.

There are numerous providers who offer free evening UK calls provided you have BT basic line and paying rentals online or through direct debit. Override option works out cheaper even during day time on weekdays.

Once you are through with choosing the service providers, choosing a suitable package isn't a big deal. The method of evaluating various packages before deciding on one is still depends on your usage pattern in addition to the monthly or annual rental you are prepared to pay. However, the options have increased with the advent of cable telephony.

One of the lowest at £9.99 monthly rental offers no more than basic home line and for the cheapest standalone broadband it is another ten pounds. Talk Talk's broadband is relatively cheap, but has had a lot of bad press, and most subscribers have had to cope up with 1-2 mbps against the official 8 mbps speed for which they charge. But with a decent download limit, I think it is still something to think over.

Keep in mind how much a daytime call to mobile/landline will cost on weekdays and making international calls etc while evaluating a certain package. Additionally check whether TV or broadband connection is included, if yes how much does it cost if taken separately. If you decide to have an overriding provider on top of your connection, I think it makes for a good saving over monthly call charges.