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The future's bright - the future's Orange" was, for several years, the award-winning slogan of Orange UK. The Orange mobile phone network began life in April 1994 alongside the One2One network during the launch of the second generation of mobile network licences - the PCNs (Personal Communications Networks).

Two licenses were granted: Hutchison purchased one and launched in the UK under the brand name Orange. The marketing campaign was simply brilliant. All around the UK, posters were placed on billboards proclaiming the memorable slogan. Quite deliberately, nothing else was mentioned for months, creating an intrigue factor.

Orange had adopted a far better strategy than its PCN rival, One2One. Rather than create its network infrastructure initially within the largest UK cities, as One2One decided to do, Orange invested more money and covered not only the cities, but also the linking motorways. As a result of both this strategy and its clever marketing message - and augmented by a very high level of service - Orange was able to attract customers in far larger numbers to its network and outgrew One2One by a considerable number.

While One2One battled with the perception of poor coverage, which stuck firmly in the minds of consumers Orange had, by this time, established itself as a quality network with very good coverage. Orange was fast catching up in subscription customers to the well established BTCellnet and Vodafone network - in itself was quite a feat, considering that these two networks had a 10-year advantage over the PCN newcomers, Orange and One2One.

As Vodafone forged ahead, creating a global infrastructure through acquisitions, France Telecom sought to do the same by buying Orange. Under the ownership of France Telecom, Orange has grown to enjoy some 25% market share within the UK. It has also booked its place as a player in the future communications world by purchasing one of the extortionately priced third-generation mobile licenses: 3G.

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