Orange Mobile Broadband

Orange's latest range of mobile and home broadband packages offers tremendous value starting at £10 a month. Also, Orange mobile broadband and free laptop deals are available from only £24.47! They are offering half price on Orange Starter, Max and Home Select Packages for an initial 3 month membership. Orange Fireplayer has won Best Use of Mobile category for 2004's Broadband from BT Digital Music Awards. Orange Mobile is one of the longest standing and well established mobile phone operators in the United Kingdom and boasts of millions of subscribers.

As an Orange phone customer, you can avail added benefits. If you have a calling plan that exceeds £35 a month you can get a free home broadband package. You can also avail other benefits such as free minutes and special offers on text messages. Their current range of handsets is vast and you can choose the handset of your choice on Orange. This network has recently embraced 3G which has become very popular and reliable in most of UK. It enables subscribers to make video calls with the help of their Orange mobile phones.

Mobile broadband from Orange comes in different packages and price ranges. The simple mobile broadband plan is accessible from only £9.79 a month providing speed up to 3.6Mb, 1 GB downloading for a contract of 18 months. Orange Mobile broadband with a laptop will cost you from £24.47 a month and provide you with a speed up to 3.6Mb and Downloads of 3Gb. You will need to sign up a 2 year contract for this deal.

You can also consider opting for the latest gift pack of Orange mobile. It is Orange Broadband in a box! It allows you to pay in advance for either 6 or 12 months of broadband usage. It provides you connection speeds of up to 2MB and a substantial 2GB monthly usage capacity. The pack contains a 3.5 USB modem, a USB cable, a Passcode scratch card, 2 DSL filters and a CD pack. It requires no monthly fees or any form of subscription.