Virgin media Broadband

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Virgin media is a cable network making inroads in speed and efficiency for broadband and are actually testing an incredible 200Mb broadband! The speed of such a facility is hard to imagine but for now Virgin media is content with supplying around 50Mb for its subscribers, although its customer base is expanding at an incredible rate by the minute.

Virgin is marketing itself as the UK's first 'quad play' provider offering deals on packaged broadband, digital TV, phone and mobile calls. There are also other attractive 'bundles' for an affordable low monthly cost. The good thing about signing up with Virgin for broadband is that you get free support and in some deals you can get national calls without restriction free of charge, and all for under the cost of your usual telephone subscription. And, of course, free music downloads.

For business packages, Virgin media offers an amazing array of services that include unlimited downloading, high speed, web hosting, anti virus and spam ware, and options for email addresses. Also a domain name and a fixed IP address.

One of the main attractions of Virgin media is that they extend a complete set up package for small businesses such as those that work from home and is ideal for anyone searching for a painless and fast set up that will not break the bank.

They can also offer ADSL for those not in a cable area. On a down side, Virgin do not appear to enjoy particularly favourable customer reviews and their existing customers tend to criticise their set up and support, although a remarkably small percentage of their clientele opt out of their Virgin contracts.

The speed and connectivity makes up for the lack in other areas perhaps, but whatever the reason, Virgin customers seem happy to stay on board for the ride.

The general opinion is that Virgin media offers a wide range of services bundled into an affordable package and for those who subscribe to a broadband and television package life is made considerably easier by not having to invest in a dish as all their technology is cable, some of it in the form of fibre optics.

The customer also has the advantage of being able to access all of their favourite satellite channels from Sky (from Sky 1 to Sky Sports) with the same convenience of being able to pause, rewind or record live programmes (if they opt for V+), and in High Definition. Virgin also offer free breakdown cover of their equipment and a 28 day money back guarantee. And best of all, their prices are competitive, which of course in a depressed economy is all to the consumer looking for the best possible value for money.

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