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Compare prices of different utilities and obtain cheap quotes in order to save money. At we bring you latest and up to date offers with special discount on various packages which you can only obtain using our referral links. At this page we have collected packages and deals of various products so that you can choose the one you are looking for along with saving money on it.

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Tips on changing your Gas and Electricity supplier

To give you the confidence to switch your gas and electricity supplier and make it go as smoothly as possible please see below for our guide and tips. .

Finding the best deal on your Gas and Electricity

1. Before you start to shop around gather your last few gas and electricity bills together. Simply add up the amount you have spent or even better work out how many units of gas and units of electricity you have used. If you do not have these and you pay by direct debit then you can work out from your monthly payments what you will be paying per year.
2. Tip - Use a winter and a summer bill so you have a good balanced view of your energy usage.
3. How you pay your energy bills now and in the future will have an impact on the savings you make. If you pay by monthly direct debit this is the cheapest way to pay your gas and electricity bills.
4. When choosing a new gas or electricity supplier the only way to get a true and accurate comparison is to use our service. This will compare all the UK energy suppliers and their energy prices and products.